Beef or Lamb Meat & Stock

This is a fundamental building block of any Syrian dish. Sure you can use stock cubes, but if you want to elevate your dish (and this is one of those things that take your food to the next level), you need to make this stock from scratch. It’s not really hard at all, and you can do this on the weekend and freeze it easily in ziplock bags with the meat to use in your favorite recipe whenever you want! I use an instant pot, however stove top is easy to do as well, it just takes a bit more time!

Fattet Makdous – Syrian Eggplant Fatteh

Fettes are great ways to use up old pita bread. I think they probably originated in the Middle East for this reason, as it’s considered a sin to throw away bread in the Muslim religion. Growing up, if there was bread that was super old or dry, my religious relatives would never be put in the garbage, but instead in it’s own plastic bag. Not really sure what they did with it, but I’d like to think they fed the birds!

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